CommonQt Installer for Windows

Are you looking for an option for coding GUIs in Lisp on Windows? You can use this simple installer to install CommonQt in a few clicks.

UPDATE: Project is now opensourced and can be found here:
Please refer to that page. I will no longer update this blog post.

Executable: CommonQt Installer.exe (2.24 MB)
Source: commonqt-installer.nsi (2 KB)

Build instructions for source: Build the nsi file using the special build of NSIS found here. Make sure the dependencies and dll files are in the same folder as the source, and run “makensis commonqt-installer.nsi” from the command line.

Note: You will have to install Qt version 4.8.5 first. You must manually add the path to qt bin (usually C:\Qt\4.8.5\bin) to your Path variable. I currently cannot make this part of my installer because you could have installed Qt somewhere else.

This installer was written with NSIS, and automates steps 2-4 outlined in this blog post. It was compiled with the “large string” special build of NSIS and tested on Windows 8. Due to a known issue with NSIS string length limitations, do not use this installer if your system Path contains over 8192 characters. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, issues, comments or concerns.

You can email me at or leave a comment on this post if you run into any errors, and I will try to respond. Please include the contents of your system Path if you are describing an error, as it’s the most common cause of problems.

What next? Start learning about coding with CommonQt.

One thought on “CommonQt Installer for Windows

  1. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been trying like crazy to install commonqt on windows and it just isn’t working. I’m using CCL, and although I do get past the (ql:quickload :qt) (in-package :qt), I get two different errors depending on how I start it. If I do “load “helloqt.lisp”, the error is “Foreign function not found: WIN64::|setGeometry|. (same with 32-bit ccl, or with -l argument from dos command line. If I do C-c C-k from emacs, I get “Unable to load foreign library (COMMONQT.DLL-7112)….. %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

    In both cases I definitely have c:\QT\4.8.5\bin and c:\QT\commonqt-libs in my path.

    Any advice?

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